two sessions elsewhere

11 october to 22 november 2008
at the exhibition inside&outside, atelierfrankfurt, frankfurt am main
as part of the 95qm project initiated by Oguz Tatari.

For two weeks, at the end of April 2008, the monday sessions moved from daimlerstrasse to be hosted at the 95qm project space. Afterwards, the films screened at those sessions were made available for viewing at the 95qm space, for the duration of the project.


list of films available for screening:

[several short videos], Maciej Muriasz

Das Distributivgesetz, Ifuz Met

German Dada, Helmut Herbst, 1969

The Dentist, Leslie Pearce, 1932

The Fatal Glass of Beer, Clyde Bruckman, 1933

Où Gît Votre Sourire Enfoui?
[Where Does Your Hidden Smile Lie?], Pedro Costa, 2001 104 min., color
«Straub: A film is spoken in a language and the
illusion of the bourgeoisie is to think that all can be
consumed or be understood.»

Rope, Alfred Hitchcock, 1948
80 min., color
«Brandon: I’ve always wished for more artistic talent.»